Why Propak?

Experience. Innovation. Execution.

Propak is a proactive provider of leading-edge logistics, transportation and supply chain management solutions.
We are a customer driven company and strive to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe in teamwork, accountability and continually improving our service offerings. Our services include Reverse Logistics, Warehousing, Transportation, Packaging, and Technology solutions. In addition to offering a wide range of supply chain solutions, our thought leadership is unmatched in the greater supply chain. Our philosophy offers flexibility, trust and collaboration with our clients. We aim to provide creative and technology-forward answers to your most pressing business needs.
We utilize the latest technology to fulfill your logistical and operational needs. As demand for outsourced services continues to grow, we will be there to provide customized solutions to fit your company’s vision. Propak’s innovation leaders stand ready to serve you.
Propak's Win-Win Philosophy

Propak was built upon innovation and it continues to be an integral part of our culture. Our commitment and business strategy is focused on a creative and collaborative environment, which drives new ideas. We understand that our services and focus on improving allows our customers to grow their businesses.

Collaborative Solutions

Our business model and portfolio of service offerings have been cultivated from our DNA of innovation. We collaborate with our customers and use our experience to develop new services. Our industry leading growth rate and top customer service ranking was not by chance. Our daily focus on flawless execution and continuous improvement allows us to exceed our customer’s expectations.


With more than 100 combined years of operational and logistics knowledge and expertise, Propak’s management understands that in order to help you stay competitive and grow in an ever-changing economy, we need to be flexible. And we are. Our experience has shown us that no two supply chains are alike, so we approach every opportunity with a chance to innovate. As we continue to improve our service offerings and enhance our capabilities, our customers can continue to rely on our flexibility. We'll work hard to earn and keep your business, as your single-source supply chain partner. We will always stay flexible.

Enhanced Supply Chain

With more than 50 locations strategically located throughout North America, we have a highly optimized and flexible network to handle any size project. We partner with our customers to understand their needs and goals; knowing that business demands constantly change. With our integrated service offering, we can offer low cost solutions from unit load packaging, to transporting, storing, repairing, and recycling – or a total life cycle management.

Innovative Solutions

Propak has built a network and portfolio of service offerings from innovative ideas. We have earned top rankings with some of the largest companies in North America.

Our Locations
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Proven, Flexible, and Forward Thinking

Propak has built its reputation on being a highly efficient and collaborative supply chain partner. One of the driving forces behind our success has been our thought leadership in developing and utilizing technology.

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the world's most advanced supply chains; thus allowing us to collaborate and build solutions to solve forward thinking issues. During these opportunities, we have built a sophisticated incubation hub of technology talent. This team offers a suite of technology services within the Supply Chain field. Our technology team thrives on providing a prototype approach to every project.

Our technology capabilities include:

  • Custom built platforms
  • Mobile / Web
  • Analytics / KPI / Custom Reporting
  • GPS / Cellular Solutions
  • Asset Tracking
  • EDI
  • TMS/WMS Development
  • Network Optimization
Our Solutions

Powerful analytics that drive lower supply chain costs

Customers want products to be in the store when they arrive and retailers have to manage rising inventory costs. Whether trying to drive longer shelf life with fresh food products or increasing fast moving consumer goods turns, achieving your goals requires agile and ever improving operational efficiency.

With the dynamic business of retailing, meeting the ever changing supply and demand conditions means finding new ways to improve margins and foster flexibility.

Manufacturers increasingly want to know product location, return and damage costs, along with rebate program success. Customers are increasingly utilizing technology to find the lowest priced item to purchase. This environment requires retailers to constantly eliminate non-value added costs and improve operating efficiency. This is where cost control, yield management, logistics efficiency, and tracking are all critical to success.

Propak Retail Solutions developed out of the need for efficient and transparent distribution center operations. Our single focus is to help retailers and manufactures eliminate non-value added activity.

Propak Automotive Solutions

Propak provides dedicated services for the automotive industry including transportation, logistics planning, container services, node optimization, and sequencing solutions.

Outsourcing to reduce container management costs and improve efficiency

With constant pressure on rising supply chain costs, fluctuating demand, increased regulations and an uncertain financial economy, achieving optimal performance requires faster response times and ever improving operational efficiencies.

Propak Automotive Solutions was created out of the need for efficient and transparent part container operations. Our single focus is to help automotive manufacturers, as well as suppliers, reduce container and packaging costs.

We accomplish this by providing innovative process improvements onsite at manufacturing facilities or nearby offsite logistics centers. Our stringent focus on quality and supply chain visibility helps lower overall supply chain costs. This means that we help both manufacturers and suppliers lower their costs and improve asset utilization.

Dedicated to improving the efficiency of how products move

Manufacturers of reusable packaging have constant pressure of rising raw material expenses, research and development and transportation costs. In order to achieve optimal performance and remain competitive in the increasingly tight margins of manufacturing, outsourcing packaging services is a necessity.

Propak was created from the need for an efficient service provider to support the reusable packaging industry. We pride ourselves on helping reusable packing manufacturers and their customers reduce container handling and processing costs.

We do this by providing innovative process improvements onsite at manufacturing facilities and within our network of logistics centers. Our stringent focus on process improvement and diligent operations helps lower reusable packaging costs. We work with both manufacturers and retailers to develop solutions that lower costs and support sustainable practices.

Managing complex logistics so you can maximize manufacturing efficiency

Propak’s manufacturing logistics enable customers to concentrate on their core competency of manufacturing. We offer a whole range of solutions and services to the manufacturing industry.

We understand that being a contender on the global scale of manufacturing is very competitive. This is an ever increasing challenge with fierce competition always pressuring a need to lower prices. Achieving optimal performance requires increased velocity, agile and faster response times and ever improving operational efficiencies.

Propak has the experience and proven expertise to manage complex supply chains. We have worked with the largest manufacturers in their respective industries, providing us an advantage to developing cost reduction solutions.

Our Services
We have over 1M square feet of strategically located warehouse space. Our space is designed to provide instant value added services as needed by our clients.
We are a niche provider in the pallet industry. Our team of professionals is trained to help customers find ways to cut costs and improve unit load efficiencies.
Companies rely on Propak for innovative results that lower costs and improve service. We have a passion for planning and managing the movement of our customer's important products.
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