Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer after-hour customer assistance?

We do offer 24 hour service and dedicated account management.

Do I have to call each facility to place an order?

No. To prevent the frustration of having to call numerous manufacturers, Propak can handle all of your needs from one location by calling (877) 919-1600.

Do you provide services (transport) outside the U.S.?

We have the ability to ship internationally utilizing various overseas shipping methods such as containers, ocean vessels, and aircraft.

What areas of the country do you service?

We service the entire U.S. and North America. In addition, we can also provide service to international destinations.

Could Propak handle my total Supply Chain Management?

Yes. From reverse logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and design, shipping platforms, and total overall logistics needs, we have the ability to handle your needs with one phone call.

Do you provide dedicated and drop trailers?

Yes. With the new hours of service rules, utilizing drop trailers is a very good way of keeping drivers moving and lowering transportation costs.

Do you have electronic capabilities such as EDI and online tracking?

We are capable of handling every EDI code across multiple vendors. Also, we offer real time trailer and asset tracking services.

Do you have multiple facility locations?

Yes. We have facilities located across North America. Although our primary locations are in the Midwest and Western half of the U.S., we have strong partnerships with companies throughout the U.S.

Does Propak provide trend reports and ad hoc analytics?

We have the ability to supply almost every report imaginable. We can customize and develop any report that you may need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.