Bulk Container and Warehousing

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:47

Below highlights a case study adding value for a bulk liquid container supplier. Propak’s highly trained logistics professionals developed and executed a network distribution solution. Please contact us for additional details. Challenge: A large liquid bulk reusable container supplier to the fast moving consumer goods industry needed a partner to provide a new facility.  Not just typical warehousing, but reverse …

Sustainability and Network Strategy

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:39

Economic uncertainty and global pressures are increasing the demand that supply chain professionals place on network strategy. One of the core processes of a distribution network gaining a great deal of attention is reverse logistics.  Rightfully so, this segment of the supply chain seems to be one that can contribute significant supply chain efficiency and generate immediate savings. But what …

Propak expands further into California

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:30

Propak, a proactive provider of leading-edge logistics, transportation and supply chain management solutions, has announced the expansion of its reverse logistics and transportation network into central California. Operations will extend into West Sacramento, CA, increasing the total number of service centers in California to five. Propak has been operating within the region since 2001 starting in Porterville, CA and Red Bluff, …

State of the Union?

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:37

From a transportation perspective, it’s easy to understand the impact fuel costs have on your overall balance sheet. But to simply state that fuel is the only thing impacting the industry is a long “haul” from the truth. For those looking for a broad based, well thought out analysis of overall market forces impacting the transportation world, check out the …

PBDE Banned for Consumer Product Shipments to Wal*Mart

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:28

The world’s largest retailer has moved to ban consumer goods shipments to their network containing a high percentage of polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardants. The move is part of the company’s efforts to restrict use of the substances in a vast number of consumer products. In the pallet industry this is certainly headline news, calling into question the ban’s applicability …

Oregon Statute addresses Pallets

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:16

Following up on our previous blog entry, a recently passed statute by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) promises to muddy the pallet waters even further in the coming months and years. The statute addresses products shipped inbound either to manufacturers, retailers, distributors or consumers in the state of Oregon and the allowable percentage of Decabrominated diphenyl ether (DPE). A 0.10% …

Tensions Rise in The Pallet Industry

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:14

Recent years have seen new entrants into the pallet industry, as our facilities can attest to daily in our volume handled. Multiple poolers of block pallets, returnable plastic containers, and other materials have brought competition front and center for all players. A natural off-shoot is a rise in competitive tension, and it is clear the pallet industry is fast becoming …

Reverse Logistics Association Conference

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:13

Propak is attending the Reverse Logistics Association Conference 2011 this week in Las Vegas. Looking forward to a great meeting, sharing ideas, and the opportunity to interface with partners across the supply chain! If you are attending keep an eye out for us and we look forward to seeing you!

The Future of Supply Chains?

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:10

“While as always cost reduction is important, the real opportunity in supply chain is to get it better aligned with trading partners to meet real customer needs and thus increase market share and revenues, while probably also reducing costs along the way.” — The rethinking of the Supply Chain is well underway, although it is clearly still in the midst …

Supply Chain Collaboration

Admin, January 8, 2015 05:45

Stephen Cain’s most recent blog addition is a fascinating look inside a slightly different manifestation of the RLC model’s premise occurring in Europe right now. The article dives into a recent trend noticed in progressive company’s logistics – a willingness to share logistics networks and assets, even among direct competitors. The benefits are obvious: cost savings, sustainability improvements, and the …