A Path worth traveling

Admin, January 8, 2015 08:07
Bill Ford

An article from McKinsey & Company caught my attention this morning. The message was very familiar and it ended up being a great read.   Values and business fortitude are absolute necessities in order to execute a winning strategy.  Core beliefs are a prerequisite to being successful in business and in the community. This article highlights several key catalysts needed …

Employee Appreciation

Admin, January 8, 2015 08:05

As many of you know, we have recently opened a logistics office in Nashville, TN otherwise known as Music City. Being a new employer in Nashville, it was exciting to learn that there is a week devoted to employee recognition; which is this week. As a big believer in employee recognition and ensuring employees are treated like rock stars, I …

3PL’s Value Creation

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:57

It’s pretty well known that asset heavy industries like transportation have a large burden to mitigate the risk of not achieving an economic profitability.  I’m calling economic profitability the point of return that allows for sufficient reinvestment back into the business for growth. Asset based transportation requires large capital and highly efficient operations to achieve economic profitability; or to just …

Taking The Time To Really Listen

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:49

When was the last time you went to training on techniques to improve how you listen to your employees? Taking time to create an open environment where you openly listen to your team members and take in their feedback is one of the most important actions you can take. The reality of most management positions is that we think we should …

8 Ideas for Freight Savings

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:44

There are many ways and techniques companies use to save money on transportation. Some of the larger initiatives such as network optimization, site consolidation, or contract restructuring can take some time to finalize. What are the initiatives that can be implemented in most any freight network regardless of commodity, volume, or mode?  With transportation forecasts showing freight rates to increase …

Nissan North American Raises the Stakes in Reverse Logistics

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:37
Nissan North American Raises the Stakes in Reverse Logistics

Propak is happy to announce a new partnership with Nissan North America.  Propak, a supply solutions provider to multiple industries in North America, has secured a new contract in the automotive sector with Nissan.  Opening in February 2013, the new reverse logistic center will play an integral role in the manufacturing of several vehicle lines. Nissan has entered an eighteen-month …

Carrier Procurement

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:22

Procuring transportation is a skill that requires continuous development. Most companies have teams that work on the execution and procurement functions of transportation. The logistics of collecting, servicing, ensuring safe and timely delivery requires multiple teams. Not by design, but all too often the everyday demands create departmental silos. These operational silos can hinder the holistic approach to supply chain …

European On-Site Integration

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:21

An interesting read regarding a collaborative effort between a European pallet pooler (LPR), their service provider (Norbert Dentressangle), and a manufacturer (Weetabix) can be found here. Much in the same line of thinking as a Reverse Logistics Center, these companies have integrated their supply chains to reduce overall movements of product thus reducing the environmental impact while saving money. The typical …

The Future of Supply Chains?

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:10

“While as always cost reduction is important, the real opportunity in supply chain is to get it better aligned with trading partners to meet real customer needs and thus increase market share and revenues, while probably also reducing costs along the way.” — The rethinking of the Supply Chain is well underway, although it is clearly still in the midst …