Propak Reaches New Heights During Produce Shipping Season

Admin, May 14, 2015 17:49
Propak Reaches New Heights During Produce Shipping Season

It’s that time of year- the peak of produce shipping season, which means Propak is working 24/7 to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations and with more than 50 Propak locations located throughout North America, we have a highly optimized and flexible network to handle any size project. At our different locations you can find a group of dedicated Propak logistic and sales account representatives to help service your business’ needs and goals.

When it comes to on boarding new customers in the middle of produce shipping season, Propak’s Sales Account Rep, Jonathan Saliba, is committed. Jonathan has been with Propak since February 2015 and since then he has already excelled in customer service by dedicating himself to the needs and wants of new customers. With over 10+ years in sales experience ranging from working with Fortune 100 companies to your local small to medium size businesses, we asked Jonathan what makes him so successful in creating a bond between Propak and our customers.

Q: What do you think makes you so successful in getting new produce customers?

Jonathan: Understanding what the customer’s needs are and providing specific solutions that Propak provides me.

Q: What do you look for in customers?

Jonathan: I am looking for customers who find just as much value in me as I do them.

Q: What advantages does a customer have in booking freight with you vs. other carriers?

Jonathan: I am all about relationship development. I don’t want to just move one load for a customer. I want to develop a relationship that benefits both of us in the long run. I make myself available 24/7 for my customers. I think that differentiates me and Propak from most of my competitors.

At Propak we believe in teamwork, accountability and continually improving our service offerings. If you are interested in learning about how Propak’s services can help you and to talk to a sales representative like Jonathan, please visit or email