Refrigerated shipments meet cross country distribution.

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:42

Below highlights a case study on a refrigerated transportation and distribution solution.  Propak’s highly trained and talented logistics professionals developed and executed this solution for a large agriculture company.

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A Florida agriculture company was shipping full truckloads to retail locations throughout the U.S.  The retailer changed their receiving requirements so that all products had to arrive racked.  This was going to drive significant costs to the agriculture shipper in loss of cube.

After performing network optimization modeling, the results aligned Propak’s network with the produce suppliers and retailer’s distribution centers.  All deliveries had to be climate controlled; cross docked and racked across the various distribution points. Propak developed a distribution program that utilized its facilities across multiple states and its transportation infrastructure for refrigerated line haul and local deliveries.

By having a vast network for warehousing opportunities and a diverse transportation network located throughout the U.S., Propak was able to provide a low cost solution.  This allowed the retailer to lower their store labor costs and gain valuable dock space back for their core operation, and the agriculture supplier was able to save money on transportation costs, by consolidating up to 75% of their truckload shipments