Propak awarded Green Supply Chain (G75) Award

Admin, July 14, 2015 15:06
Propak awarded Green Supply Chain (G75) Award

Propak Logistics is honored to receive its first Green Supply Chain (G75) award from Inbound Logistics.

Inbound Logistics’ 75 Green Supply Chain Partners highlights sustainability leaders in the logistics and transportation sector. The selection process considers a company’s involvement in three areas: participation in public-private partnerships; corporate sustainability initiatives; and collaborative customer-driven projects. As part of their due diligence, Inbound Logistics editors solicited hundreds of transportation and logistics companies to complete a questionnaire specifying their sustainability investments and commitment. The editors also conducted their own research, online and over the phone.

Inbound Logistics has selected Propak as a 2015 Green Supply Chain Partner. The 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) are examined and chosen by the Inbound Logistics editors and based on four benchmarks: Measurable green results, sustainability innovation, continuous improvement, and industry recognition. “Inbound Logistics’ annual 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) focuses on showcasing companies that demonstrate green best practices in their supply chain, logistics, and transportation operations,” stated Felicia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics.

“Propak Logistics is honored to receive this significant recognition” said Phillip Langford, SVP of Logistics at Propak. “We provide a full suite of managed logistics services that lead the industries in which we compete. While being a leader in these industries, we feel very compelled to ensure that sustainability is part of every decision that we make. Our commitment to the environment is a promise we keep by leveraging new technology for our logistics and fleet operations, and keeping sustainability in mind when we open new operations.”

Since 1999, Propak has been conserving fuel and reducing emissions by limiting the maximum speed of its trucks. Since 2010, all trucks include automatic engine shut-off technology to reduce idling, improving fuel consumption and limiting emissions. After it joined the SmartWay program, Propak lowered CO2 emissions by 15 percent, NOx by 17 percent, and particulate emissions by 59 percent. The company implemented technology that improved MPG by 18 percent, and reduced empty miles by nine percent. To further build on green initiatives, Propak converted lighting at its operations facilities, reducing KW usage by 35 percent; implemented electric lifts that reduced CO2 by 20 percent; and recycled 95 percent of operational wood waste.

About Propak

Propak is a proactive provider of leading-edge logistics, transportation and supply chain management solutions. We are a customer driven company and strive to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe in teamwork, accountability and continually improving our service offerings. Our services include Reverse Logistics, Warehousing, Transportation, Packaging, and Technology solutions. In addition to offering a wide range of supply chain solutions, our thought leadership is unmatched in the greater supply chain.

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