Bulk Container and Warehousing

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:47

Below highlights a case study adding value for a bulk liquid container supplier. Propak’s highly trained logistics professionals developed and executed a network distribution solution.

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A large liquid bulk reusable container supplier to the fast moving consumer goods industry needed a partner to provide a new facility.  Not just typical warehousing, but reverse logistics, trip planning, warehousing and cleaning service.

After performing network optimization modeling, Propak quickly realized its warehouse network aligned with the container supplier’s recovery point. Propak collaborated with the supplier to develop warehousing with reverse logistics and a distribution program. This program utilized Propak’s facilities and transportation network.

By having an infrastructure of warehousing located strategically throughout the U.S., Propak was able to provide a low cost solution.  This allowed the supplier to save money on transportation and warehousing costs, by utilizing Propak to eliminate non value added shipping lanes. In addition, this helped lower their carbon footprint and save on fuel.