Propak Launches Moblie-Friendly Interactive Website

Admin, March 11, 2015 21:02
Propak Launches Moblie-Friendly Interactive Website

Propak is pleased to announce the launch of our new interactive customer experience website, designed to be mobile-friendly across all types of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Propak’s goal with this new website is to provide a quick and simple access to information from your mobile device, allowing you to view our page while on the go. “We live in an era where everyone goes to their mobile device to get information on the go,” states Propak’s VP of Technology, Kent Watson, “When looking at our website we believe in good first impressions which is why we focused on User Experience (UX) with streamlined navigation to get straight to the information you need without clicking through 3 to 5 layers of navigation.”

Amongst the new features the site contains a chat agent. Our chat agent allows users to chat with Propak’s customer service team live on the website or on a mobile phone. According to our sales account manager, William Briggs, “Propak’s new online chat feature will ultimately improve customer satisfaction through convenience. We are now able to give current and potential customers instant responses, resulting in increased customer loyalty, trust and conversion rates.” Along with our chat agent, users are now able to request rate quotes directly through the website.

“Working with our customers and technology team to create a unique experience has been rewarding.” States SVP of Logistics, Phillip Langford, “Propak is excited to be a leader in this area within the logistics industry that we serve.  The ability to provide our customers with the flexibility to interact across any device, coupled with a great user experience has been well received. This is another example of how we are focused on technology being a driving force for our customers and associates.”

Please visit our mobile-friendly interactive website at