Merger Information

Admin, January 8, 2015 06:31

For those following closely the evolving pallet industry, this is a busy time! PIMS (recently re-termed PLUS) has entered the pooling market, iGPS is facing regulatory and safety concerns, and CHEP and IFCO are merging.

As relevant and reliable details emerge, we will continue to post links and other commentary. Propak prides itself on first-rate service to all our customers, and CHEP and IFCO are long-time partners with us. Their merger is an exciting evolution for not only Brambles (CHEP parent company) and IFCO, but also for the entire supply chain.

Brambles has introduced a fact-finding website to address what must be constant questions from all ends of the supply chain, and you can link to it here. It is a source for reliable information as opposed to much of the speculation and rumors otherwise floating around the internet. Stay tuned for further updates as the industry landscape continues to evolve.