Fighter Jets and Business

Admin, April 24, 2015 15:28
Fighter Jets and Business

I was impressed with an article Chris Taylor published for Venture Beat.  Chris is a business columnist, an executive with TIBCO Software, and a former U.S. Navy pilot (thank you for your service).

I was really captivated by some of the key points fighter pilots train on that we can utilize in operating a successful business. We work in an age where technology is changing at an increasingly faster pace and disruption seems to be in every business meeting. Like training to become a world class fighter pilot in the U.S. military, the preparation for operating a business can be such a challenge, that it’s not a given success will follow.

As Chris Taylor, discusses in his Venture Beat article, several key factors from pilot’s training process can contribute directly to business success.  The process they use is called the OODA loop; or Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act.  Highly encourage everyone to clink on the link above and read this great article.

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