A Path worth traveling

Admin, January 8, 2015 08:07
Bill Ford

An article from McKinsey & Company caught my attention this morning. The message was very familiar and it ended up being a great read.


Values and business fortitude are absolute necessities in order to execute a winning strategy.  Core beliefs are a prerequisite to being successful in business and in the community. This article highlights several key catalysts needed to support and lead an organization.

If you have been granted the privilege of leading other employees, I am confident that you evaluate how the decisions you make will affect your team members and their lives.  Below are a few key items I believe are needed to lead a successful organization.


Hans-Werner Kaas, director for McKinsey & Company and Thomas Fleming a former member of McKinsey Publishing, highlights these key items in an Interview with Bill Ford here http://bit.ly/1waMc6o

Key Items

  • Integration – this is an absolute key for the future of winning strategies.
  • Know your market and study trends – you must know what is going on in your surroundings in order to work with partners to move forward.
  • Know your friends and foes – enough said.
  • Turn your foes into friends – there is no room in the current and future business ecosystem to support any other way of thinking.
  • Curiosity – you must strive to learn each and every day.
  • Attention to details (execution) – can’t stress this one enough. You have to keep an eye on the core business and support this mission every day.