European On-Site Integration

Admin, January 8, 2015 07:21

An interesting read regarding a collaborative effort between a European pallet pooler (LPR), their service provider (Norbert Dentressangle), and a manufacturer (Weetabix) can be found here.

Much in the same line of thinking as a Reverse Logistics Center, these companies have integrated their supply chains to reduce overall movements of product thus reducing the environmental impact while saving money. The typical flow (as in the U.S.) of the supply chain including pallets is Pallet Depot to Manufacturer to Retailers to Pallet Depot.

This partnership has integrated the depot entirely (sort and repair) into the Manufacturer location, reducing unnecessary legs of transportation. This is accomplished only through active collaboration between all parties, and demonstrates a proof of concept in pallet pooling that is growing in popularity as all companies look to streamline logistics, reduce environmental impact, and drive out unnecessary cost.